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What are you looking for through Metropolitan Sitters?
Part-time nannying Events
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What are you looking for through Metropolitan Sitters?
Part-time nannying Events
Full-time nannying Travel
Babysitting Overnight sitting
How do I schedule appointments with sitters?
Once you know that you will need a sitter, email Metropolitan Sitters at and tell us the date, time, and duration of the appointment. We will email you back to confirm that we have received your email. Once a sitter has agreed to take the job, we will email you a second time to confirm your babysitting appointment. We make it a priority to respond as quickly as possible to your emails and calls.
Can I schedule babysitting appointments directly with sitters?
No, you must schedule appointments through Metropolitan Sitters. All of our sitters and nannies are aware of this policy.
If I do not use a sitter in a given month, do I have to pay the monthly membership fee?
Yes, we work very hard to attract and retain the best sitters in New York City. Because of this, and the fact that we do not charge any upfront fees to join our service, we do require that you pay a monthly fee to have reliable babysitters at your disposal year round.
Is it possible to work with the same sitter on a consistent basis?
Yes, if you are interested in arranging for a part-time or full-time nanny we would be happy to find someone that will work well with your family; however, families still must notify Metropolitan Sitters of all appointments in advance.
Can Metropolitan Sitters provide sitters for vacations, overnights, or weekend trips?
Yes, we provide sitters who can travel with your family, stay overnight, or go on weekend trips.
How do I cancel or reschedule my babysitting appointment?
- If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact Metropolitan Sitters at (917) 575-7370 as soon you know. If your cancellation is not made 12 hours prior to your babysitting appointment, you will be charged for 3 hours of service. However, if you cancel more than 12 hours in advance, you will not be charged. This same rule applies for rescheduling babysitting appointments.

- If you have a part-time or full-time nanny through Metropolitan Sitters you should contact the sitter directly to cancel.
Am I expected to reimburse sitters for transportation expenses or meals?
- It is normally the sitter’s job to pay for transportation to and from your home; however, if a sitter leaves your residence past 9 PM we require that you pay for her cab fare (up to $20).

- While it is not required for you to reimburse sitters or nannies for meals that they personally eat during their time with your children, it is always welcomed!
If I am looking for a sitter for a single event do I need to join and pay the monthly fee?
No, however the monthly fee will be taken into consideration when negotiating the rate for the event.
I will no longer need a babysitting service, how do I cancel?
Please email or call Metropolitan Sitters at (917) 575-7370 and we will remove you from the service. Please note that if you cancel mid-month your monthly membership fee will be pro-rated accordingly.
If my children are having a play date will I need to pay extra for my child’s friend(s)?
If your sitter is responsible for watching the friend(s) then yes you will be billed for however many children the sitter is accountable for. If the friend(s) have their own babysitter (or parent) watching them, then you will only be billed for your own children.
Can I interview the sitters myself before hiring one for consistent nannying?
Absolutely. We understand that sitters and nannies spend a considerable amount of time with your children and encourage you to review the resumes we have on file and conduct interviews with them before hiring.
How and when do I pay Metropolitan Sitters?
You will receive an email invoice from Metropolitan Sitters on or about the 15th and 30th of every month. It is at this point that you will submit an online payment via PayPal. You can choose to either pay immediately via credit card or set-up an account with PayPal to select a different payment option. The recurring fee of $25 will appear on the invoice for the 30th of every month.
When I make a babysitting appointment am I able to request a particular sitter?
Yes, when you email us to make your appointment, please indicate which sitter you would like. We cannot guarantee that she will be available at that particular time; however, we will always reach out to her first. If she is unavailable, we will then contact all of our sitters and find one who will be available.