Julia M.

College: Rockville, MD

Hometown: Bucknell University

Over the last ten years, I have cared for children ranging in age from infants to teens in a variety of settings, including as a camp counselor, nanny, horseback riding instructor, tutor and overnight caretaker (to give parents some time off!)  As an undergraduate, I studied child development and appreciate how children's needs and interests change as they grow.  I love to engage with the children I care for and to keep things fun- favorite activities include walks and outdoor play, baking, arts and crafts, and games.

Andrea W.

College:  University of Denver

Hometown: Asheville, NC

I adore children and whether we're having an outdoor adventure, like going to the playground or having a picnic in the park, or if we're staying in, and doing arts and crafts or playing boardgames, I find ways to always be creative and have fun.  In the past ten years that I've been babysitting and nannying I've been fortunate to have met wonderful, kind families across the country and am thrilled to have such great people in my life.


Kelsie J.

College: University of Utah
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
I have had a connection to children my entire life. Through my degree in acting I have had the opportunity to work at The Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis as an actor and as a teacher. There is something very powerful and magical about performing and teaching for children. Everything is real and anything is possible!  It is important for me to have meaningful relationships with the children I care for as well as the parents. I think every child is different and it is so rewarding to see what I can do to help each child grow and to watch them as they learn and discover the world!
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