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March 9, 2015

From the mouths of… sitters?

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No, no… We aren’t talking about workplace gossip!

But what do sitters say about themselves and their approaches to childcare? Do you ever wonder what questions sitters are asked when they’re being interviewed for a position? Wonder what their answers would be, on the spot?

We’ve asked a few sitters if we could use their words from their interviews and questionnaires… Here’s a glimpse into what we find, what we look for, and what we love to hear!

Why do you still want to work with children?

“I still want to work with children because they help me remember to slow down and have fun. Life as an adult can sometimes be stressful. However, moments like explaining the logistics of Katy Perry’s Superbowl sharks to a 6-year-old boy help me smile and appreciate the life experience I have gained thus far. I also enjoy helping children discover how they can use their own strengths and passions to make learning fun. For example, if a boy loves superheroes, I like helping him figure out that even superheroes need to do math homework so they can figure out how many people to save!” -Hannah A.

“Working with children is such a great opportunity! It means experiencing the fresh and honest perspective they have on life. It really is a gift to see the world through the eyes of a child.” -Cassie S.

“Children are fun and exciting people to be around. Although they have their own set of difficulties, they provide a challenge that I’m ready to tackle. I also thoroughly enjoy when kids accomplish something all by themselves and have that wonderful “I did it!” feeling.” -Jessica C.

I like working with children because it is a great way to consistently invest in a young person’s life. When I have a few hours scattered through out my week, I can’t think of a better job than investing in a child’s life.” -Kaylie O.

How would you describe your babysitting style?

“My style as a babysitter is probably a combination between your stereotypical protective New York mom and your kids’ sports coach. I like running around with kids and having fun, but I am stern about limits. If parents want their kids in bed by a certain time, I will work with the kids to make sure they get there. I also feel that even difficult activities can be turned into games. I set timers to see if the kids can “beat” it as they do their homework, finish chores, or even brush their teeth.” -Hannah A.

What is your favorite thing about working with children?
“My favorite part is getting to know the same children over time and then having “break-through” moments when you assist a child in accomplishing a challenge or make a fun memory together.” -Kaylie O.
What makes you stand out compared to other sitters?
“I like to think I’m a nice balance of patience and kindness, and imagination and silliness.  I try to use all of these things to encourage children to have confidence in themselves and discover what makes them unique.” -Cassie S.

Is there anything you dislike about working with children?

Of course every child has the potential for a meltdown (no matter what age). I would be lying if I said I enjoyed said meltdowns, but I feel like I have the skills to calm a child down and get down to what they want. From there I can either help them reach that goal, find a compromise, or help them deal with not getting what they want.” -Jessica C.

What activities do you enjoy doing while babysitting (from infants through tween)?

“I love taking children to parks, playing games at home with them, and reading stories to them. With a degree in Fine Arts, I do gravitate toward creative expression as a way to connect with the kids I babysit. I am able to come up with imaginative activities and creative projects so that the children are enjoying the hours we have rather than just watching TV with little interaction.” -Kaylie O.

“I love drawing/coloring – it allows the artist in me to continue to experiment without the pressures of the grown-up world and to gain inspiration from how kids’ imaginations are translated on paper, too. I also love soccer and playing games like uno, sorry, and checkers.” -Maggie H.

“I love reading with the kids!  We do voices and really get into it.  I’m an actor so I love story-telling.  I also love playing games and doing art projects.” -Cassie S.

“I really love to dance and play sports with kids. Anything that gets us on our feet is fun (if infants can’t stand quite yet, I can always carry them and dance around). I enjoy planning fun games and obstacle courses for kids using my background in CrossFit and traditional Japanese martial arts as a foundation. I think the best way to ensure that kids actually keep their bedtimes with babysitters is to literally run around the city with them and tire them out enough that they want to go to sleep. I have also learned excellent stretching and breathing techniques from ninjutsu and yoga that I have used to help children unwind and even fall asleep.” -Hannah A.

If you have experience in theater, or creative arts, what can you bring to the table that other sitters may not?

“What I bring to the table is a sense of play and imagination.  I think that in addition to structure and boundaries, cultivating these things is extremely important to the development of young minds.”  -Cassie S.

What is your preferred age range? Why?

I really enjoy ages 6-11 because we have the freedom to play things like soccer and board games together, we can go bigger and more elaborate in arts and crafts without as much supervision allowing more creativity, and I find they can teach me things and challenge me with their ideas and opinions which is exciting.” -Maggie H.

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