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April 11, 2014

Safety & Planning

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As parents, our children’s safety is our first priority. It’s probably not a topic that any parent looks forward to discussing with their children, but coming together and making a catastrophe or emergency plan is invaluable. With everything going on in the world today, from natural disasters to terror threats, it’s a serious topic to think about. Safety must always come first.

Some simple items to discuss with your kids include:

-Picking a specific location as a meeting place

-Making sure that your kids know appropriate emergency contacts

-Teaching your kids their/your phone number, address and appropriate uses for 911.

Check out the links below to learn more:

*FEMA’s guide for families

*Be informed, make an emergency plan and/or a kit

*Preparedness for natural disasters

April 2, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen

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Just when we think that the weather will allow some fun outdoor activities, we learn that mother nature has some other ideas in store!

If you find yourself (or the babysitter, even!) cooped up at home with the kids, why not have fun cooking or baking? Even using some no-bake recipes can be a blast! Sure, you could run to that boutique coffee shop up the block, but what fun is that?

There are plenty of ways kids can help out in the kitchen. Get a little creative with your little ones! It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal, nor does it have to be something as simple as ants on a log. English muffin pizzas, anyone?

Kids want to spend quality time and show that they are growing to become more independent. Cooking and baking are also great activities to encourage sharing and turn taking. They’re also great ways to make math fun and interactive- measuring, counting, and timing are all skills you can work on while in the kitchen.

Here are some great tips from The Food Network on how to involve the kids in the creative process!

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