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August 22, 2009


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Making back to school simple…

-Get back into a routine

     Set an appropriate bedtime and have your child under the covers, books read, teeth brushed by that actual time. 

-Show enthusiasm

    Take your child to see her classroom and meet her teacher.  Walk around the school and practice the commute there and back; little things like this can ease a child’s anxiety as she will already know what to expect when she walks in the door that first day. 

-Make friends

   If you already know who is in your child’s class, setup a play date before school starts so that there is a friendly face in class.  In addition, talk to your child about how to share in class, when to raise her hand, and how to respect other children’s boundaries.


  Always listen to your child’s worries or excitement about school; the more you listen the more she will talk.  Doing so will give you the opportunity to verbally address her fears and let her know that school is a fun, safe place!

-Take one last trip to the beach!

  Have a nice ending to the summer by taking that one last trip to the beach.  Take time to reflect on the adventures that occurred the past couple of months.  Maybe your child learned how to ride a bike?  Celebrate these accomplishments, and look forward to all that she will learn as school starts.

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