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June 2, 2010

sweet summer (child friendly) treat!

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As the signs of summer are upon us don’t let the heat slow you down.  Pop bar in the West Village is a great place to take the kids for an after school treat!

Pop bar is super kid-friendly: made fresh hourly using real fruit and other natural ingredients, preservative-free, no corn syrup, no artificial coloring/flavoring ( Unlike traditional popsicles, popbars are made in-house using a patented artisanal process from Italy. (kosher and gluten free)

The real plus is that each child can make their own pop bar.  With options like gelato, sorbet, almonds, granola, brownie chunks, white chocolate, and coconut who could pass up this great way to cool down?

May 5, 2009

Fun Activities for Babysitter & Kids!

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GREAT ideas for child and babysitter…

Make a Lemonade Stand!  Find a good spot close to the child’s home where you can set up a small table.  Pack a cooler with ice, lemonade mix, water and cups.  Before heading out, create a “business” plan and some ground rules with the child.  How much will our lemonade cost?  How much should we bring?  Make sure the child knows how to correctly give change–good math lesson.  When you’re done help the child add up all those quarters!

Yoga, yoga, yoga.  There are several yoga studios in NYC that offer “mommy & me” yoga classes.  Yoga is a wonderful way to improve a child’s confidence, concentration, physical strength and body awareness.  The Elahi Yoga Studio on the Upper East Side caters particularly to children.  They offer classes to children from ages 15 months up to 10 years.  While many of their classes are held in a studio, some are held in NYC parks.  Elahi Yoga has offered one FREE session to all Metropolitan Sitters and the children they are watching.  Find more info at:

Central Park Picnic!  With the help of the child, put together a basket of kid-friendly picnic foods.  Pack other picnic/park necessities: blanket, activities, and a camera to capture the day you had.  I recommend heading to Central Park where you can find an endless array of areas to picnic, my favorite spot is close to the lake.  After your picnic, make a visit to the Children’s Zoo at central park.  Children’s Zoo admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 3-12, and FREE for anyone under age 3.  Children will love seeing the baby lambs that were born in March!

 Make A Play!  Making a play is not only fun and imaginative, but it also helps improve a child’s reading skills.  Find a reader’s theatre script online, re-enact a child’s favorite movie or book.  Help the child create costumes, use facepaint (if okay with parents), and find a voice that fits their character.  It is NOT important for each child to perform this perfectly.  But, it is important for each child to have fun using their imagination.  When the child’s parent returns home perform the play for them.  This is a great way for the parents to see how you have spent time with their child.  Metropolitan Sitters is fortunate enough to have SEVERAL babysitters who are theatre majors and would be perfect for this activity.

STORYTIME!  Many children enjoy being read to, especially if the book has a captivating plot and terrific illustrations.  Barnes & Noble, The Strand Bookstore, McNally Jackson as well as Borders bookstores in NYC offer FREE weekly children’s readings. Their interactive storytelling will be fun for both child and babysitter.  Check their websites for times and locations.

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